. Urgent! Want…

. Urgent! Want to learn about assets acquired during the marriage. If I get married and my husband married will buy on your money apartment and a car, I’m not going to invest, then I will be able to qualify for an apartment and a car after a divorce, if he will?

. Need probably…

. Probably need some advice. I fell out of love with her husband, married 4 years. Loved madly ran to his call, and now it’s like a stranger. We don’t have kids so and I have them now can not fault in this, and probably after that, I started to quietly hate. How to live […]

. I’m a big…

. I’m really stupid. I have never had the traction to get married, and it bothered my mother. I met, fell in love, but as soon as the question arose about the wedding, he chose to leave forever. My mom brought up in the old traditions, so she was scared for my future, she was […]

please. Hello married…

, make sure you. Hello married or not)I start to write my story, and honestly don’t know if I want to hear advice, or just to beat soul in line or to calm down, however apparently it’s time… I’m 31, married 3 years, have a small child in marriage, their homes, start first even that […]

Fidget: home textile…

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Want to create warmth…

Wish to create warmth and comfort at home? 🏡 Photo frames handmade – great idea😍 With our products you can diversify any interior and fill the empty walls😉 More than 1, 000 ideas you can find in our group 👉 https://vk.com/fotoramkin

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The climate of the Altai is known for the distinctive and very different in space and all the time. This is due to the international position of the altai, the area of the complex of mountains and other landscapes. To the north of the lack of normal moisture, the temperature of the heat and the cold most severe and snow small. Part of the south (the mountain) is enough rain, the summer is very warm, winter is very severe, the snow.

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