We live in a civil marriage without the month-4 years,…

Live in a civil marriage without months 4 years, both work, the relationship became strained, sex is extremely rare and only on weekends, wife says she gets very tired, and I suspect that someone is, because earlier on the same work of such fiction without me on vacation not going, only talks to me, children […]

. Girls…

. Girls who are faced with such a situation and how it went? My husband always tells everything and consults with her mother. I don’t even know some of the highlights of 🤷♀ as they are all interconnected. Constantly calling her, becomes happy, now wants to move her to our town that she lived nearby, […]

. Is it…

. How hard is it to please man and to maintain harmony in the family?! Regular sex without any failures, to eat tasty and the house in order. All. But many people with this can not cope. But shout at every corner that the man needs. Men interesting your point of view, how to behave […]


… Hello! miss pliz) How did your partner react to your social network allow you to enter your password, there to climb when you want? Retain passwords on a shared computer?. Know a couple, so she has in order to tel HIM the VC control at all… Or doing so only very jealous people?? And […]

. Live almost…

. Live almost 15 years old, live in divorce. About 3 years ago, tried quite away from each other, during this time, he’s on a Dating site, finds the woman and begins to live with her. I’m begging him back. Then the purchase of a motorcycle and an overnight trip with a second helmet. Infinitely […]

Girls Oh how I need advice….

Girls Oh how I need advice. The story is as follows. My husband and I along with childhood 12 years of marriage +7 of a meet! 2 children. 4 years ago began kromeshny hell: he cheated, he admitted as Ethan and I forgave. But a year later and again the same rake….and then else further. […]

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  • Add in tea these spices and get the… 2019-05-25
    Add in tea these spices and get the MAXIMUM benefit! From headaches, to strengthen the immune system, normalizing blood sugar… 1 Clove Relieves headache and makes your breath fresh Tea with cloves can help after a hard day to calm nerves and put things in order in thoughts 2 Thyme will Help after a hearty […]
  • A delicious selection of salads with broccoli 😋… 2019-05-25
    a delicious selection of salads with broccoli 😋 1 Salad broccoli 100 grams – 63 19 kcal B/W/Y – 2 14/4 49/5 18 Ingredients: Broccoli 500 g green Olives 150 g Bulgarian pepper 1 PC wine Vinegar 2 tbsp Olive oil 20 ml Salt Preparation: wash Broccoli, divided into florets and put in boiling water […]
  • A powerful steam generator Polaris PSS 7510K for quick… 2019-05-25
    Powerful steam generator Polaris PSS 7510K for quick and comfortable Ironing! New from Polaris will prove to You that Ironing can be a very comfortable and fast: a steam generator treats any type of fabrics with SMART TEMP you can iron any fabric without the risk of spoiling the material Now You don’t need to […]

The climate of the Altai is known for the distinctive and very different in space and all the time. This is due to the international position of the altai, the area of the complex of mountains and other landscapes. To the north of the lack of normal moisture, the temperature of the heat and the cold most severe and snow small. Part of the south (the mountain) is enough rain, the summer is very warm, winter is very severe, the snow.

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