girl, cute, how to survive a betrayal???? 2 …

lady, cute, how to survive the betrayal???? 2 days ago I found out that my favorite was cheating on me. I can and figure and appearance what he lacked??? agoooo???? I called this girl and told me that he’s playing with us, she cried, screamed, and in 20 minutes wrote that believes it, he said […]

Hello. This situation… Married…

Hi. This situation… Married for 5 years, after six months of marriage was preobretu apartment husband. After six months, he without my knowledge issued a fully apartment on the native sister, had a husband, 3-bedroom left from my parents, there lived the sister with the son, and the parents went to the village. The husband […]

. The situation with…

. The situation looks funny, but I’m not laughing. My husband work is connected with people and lately in local publics often began to appear posts of girls who want to find. In SOC. networks he does not sit, just know that not flirting with anyone at work, on the weekends always with us at […]

I am Sorry, dear…

Boiling Sorry, dear girls Why do you think that you guys should all Living together provides, and I don’t care. And want to do everything at once and quickly. And you in turn love me for who I am Sold, if you have children, female, required to pay alimony. And don’t give a fuck what […]

Post on very…

Article on a very intimate topic… so please STRICTLY ANONYMOUS. Read your group has long… and sometimes I marvel at girls… well, how so??? Why do you put such a framework for men in terms of sex? If the husband or m. h. requests oral or anal sex you think it’s FU FU FU. Then […]

Women complain…

Women complain about men, they say irresponsible, etc . What do you want? The world around you is a mirror of your inner state. As you to the world and the world to you. There are very simple guidelines on how to be a happy woman: 1 . To choose a man not under 30 […]

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    Real home brew with the taste of childhood: we such to a barrel run! a full range of vitamins and minerals in one Cup Brew of chicory is rich in vitamins, organic acids, minerals, quenches thirst in hot weather! Didn’t know where to go from the heat And only this drink has become a real […]

The climate of the Altai is known for the distinctive and very different in space and all the time. This is due to the international position of the altai, the area of the complex of mountains and other landscapes. To the north of the lack of normal moisture, the temperature of the heat and the cold most severe and snow small. Part of the south (the mountain) is enough rain, the summer is very warm, winter is very severe, the snow.

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