Long time ago I read this…

‘ve been reading this group. And came to the conclusion that guys just do these relationships and married.. anyway, the result is one of infidelity, betrayal and all through the ass.. I live for myself and for yourself and get pleasure from it!! Not to sit and then with 3 children and did not know […]

Not know how to start…

I do Not know how to start I can say you need an objective opinion, or so say the Council want to hear a second opinion. In General, was married have a daughter she is 2.9 GD. with her husband divorced for almost 1.5 years.that would not be issues separated from her husband because he […]

. There are…

. There are women who are forced to adopt a child of the husband from first marriage? I’ll try to describe fully, to avoid guesswork and dodumki, as here like to make clever and clever typically. My husband and I met when he was walking the divorce process. At first I did not know about […]

. Medical…

. For medical reasons can’t have sex for a few weeks. Drinking plus hormones, so that you do not want. Here in any form. And her husband goes to the tail, has specifically argued that at least a couple of days to rest while he’s sulking: ) tired.

. Is it…

. How hard is it to please man and to maintain harmony in the family?! Regular sex without any failures, to eat tasty and the house in order. All. But many people with this can not cope. But shout at every corner that the man needs. Men interesting your point of view, how to behave […]

. I…

. Tell me is it possible to forgive cheating? And you’d be forgiven or not cheating? What would you do in a situation where your husband put up with a cheater but you’re not 100% sure about that?

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The climate of the Altai is known for the distinctive and very different in space and all the time. This is due to the international position of the altai, the area of the complex of mountains and other landscapes. To the north of the lack of normal moisture, the temperature of the heat and the cold most severe and snow small. Part of the south (the mountain) is enough rain, the summer is very warm, winter is very severe, the snow.

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